Option 1

This is the "Slideshow" option.  If you click on it it goes to the next photo.  But I think we'd need to tell the users to click -- it doesn't seem at all obvious that that's what you're supposed to do.  We could also include multiple slideshows on the same page in different categories (which we could explain in the text) like clubs, wineries, festivals, individual band members, etc.  A down-side is that it forces all photos into the same shape, so the cropping really sucks for some of them.

Option 2

This is the "Carousel" option.  You can click forward & back, but you see parts of the next and/or previous photo, which I'm not crazy about.

Option 3

This is the Grid option.  This would be great if they worked like thumbnails & you could click to get a larger version, and then be able to click forward & back.  But it doesn't work like that.  Apparently there's no way to interact with them except scroll up and down.  And it crops them all square, so you're missing a lot of each photo.

This is the "Stack" option.  It's similar to one that a Gallery page uses, except here you can include text (which you can't on a Gallery page), and there if you click on a photo you can then click forward & back through them (but that doesn't seem to work here.).  And on a Gallery page, in at least some contexts, it'll put the photos into 2 columns, which I like better than this.

Option 4