Mules Help Make Bread & Roses History

When the Mules signed up to do a Dec. 13 Bread & Roses show at the COTS Mary Issak Center in Petaluma, we had no idea we would be helping make history. Bread & Roses, founded by folk singer Mimi Farina, puts on shows at institutions throughout the Bay Area for folks who have trouble getting out to hear live music. Dec. 13 turned out to be the first time in their nearly 45-year history that they managed to produce 11 shows in one day, and Miracle Mule was show #9. It’s a real honor to be associated with such a fine organization and to have been part of this momentous milestone. So momentous, in fact, that it made the Marin Independent Journal (see below). Our accordionist, Dick Bay, has been a Bread & Roses volunteer performer for nearly 30 years. He also sang for the Bread & Roses Holiday Chorus at several recent shows, including an especially fun and interesting performance at the Santa Rosa jail. Between the Mules and the Chorus, he did 6 Bread & Roses shows in a week and a half this December.

Bread&Roses Marathon_MarinIJ.jpg

Bread&Roses Marathon_twitter.jpg
Dick Bay