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Mule Call - Newsletter #12


News Flash

Keeping you up-to-date on all of the Swampy Tonk happenings of your favorite misguided local equestrian-themed band, Miracle Mule.



Miracle Mule has been playing so many private events lately, without any "public" gigs, that people are beginning to wonder what's up. Have you gone underground? Have you gone into hiding? Well, yes, we have gone underground, so to speak, and we apologize for that. Our management agency has received a sternly worded worded letter from us, trust me.

To properly signify and denote our newly designated underground status, we will henceforth be known as Miracle Gopher. And, instead of swampy tonk songs about trains and drinking too much, we are going to start performing show tunes from the hit musical Rent, performed entirely on banjos. You'll love it. It is a whole new direction for us and we couldn't be more excited.

Miracle Gopher Gigs?

Triumphant Return of an Embarrassing Spectacle

Yes, that's right, Miracle Gopher is moving above ground, despite the protestations of decent people everywhere to inflict themselves upon unsuspecting audiences throughout the county of Marin. 

Nicaragua Festival - October 26, 2013

GOPHER from postermywall-smallEl Hogar de los Niños Fundraiser 

I've heard about this school from a documentary film, with cinematography by none other than our very own gopher, Brian Dettor. (More about the film here.) They are holding their 12th annual Nicaragua Fest this Saturday, and Miracle Mule has been invited to play (I hope they aren't upset when Miracle Gopher arrives.)

The evening will include:

  * Appetizers, desserts, local wine and beer
  * A silent auction
  * A presentation about the Divino Nino School
  * A photographic exhibition of the work of El Hogar de los Ninos
  * Music and a folkloric dance presentation

Plus, if you listen very carefully you will the sound of many banjos playing show tunes. This event is terrific fun and open to the public, so come on down!

   * $20 Admission 
   * St. Anthony's Church
   * 1000 Cambridge St., Novato CA
   * 7 - 10pm

HopMonk Novato - December 18, 2013


"Featured Performer"

The folks over at HopMonk Novato have a great open mic every Wednesday, hosted by the talented and very gracious Dennis Haneda. After losing a bar bet, Dennis has relented and reluctantly agreed to allow Miracle Mule occupy his "Featured Performer" slot at the open mic. 

If you haven't had a chance, get yourself down to the open mic at HopMonk. It is a guaranteed good time.

* Miracle Mule at HopMonk Open Mic
* December 18th, 8pm
* 224 Vintage Oaks Way, Novato, CA
* Free

Rancho Nicasio - December 27, 2013

One of Miracle Gopher (nee Miracle Mule)'s favorite venues is Rancho Nicasio! We'll be coming back for a special show between Christmas and New Year's.  Stay Tuned to this gopher station for more details, or visit our website.

Gopher Tunnels Across America

We couldn't do this without you.

You can do your part to make the world a better place and help bring Swampy Tonk to the world, one backward friend at a time. But what can you do?  

  • Forward this newsletter to a friend
  • Bring a friend or twenty to a swampy tonk show
  • Buy some Mule Tack for the fashion impaired
  • Contact your local club and insist that they lower their standards

Thank you. Please forgive any typos in the News Flash. I'm just a gopher, after all..


  • This one is easy. They are awesome. You won’t be disappointed. We had a power outage in the middle of our event, they switched over to acoustic instruments and still “rocked the house”.

    Chris - ZD Wines, Napa


  • What a well-crafted and fun set of songs! Songs like Swampy Tonkin' are just plain made for shuffling your feet.

    Paul Liberatore - Marin Independent Journal


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