Miracle Mule performs "Swampy Tonkin'" live at the Fenix Theater in downtown San Rafael, CA, caught on film by a concert goer. 2015.

12 Bar Blues, from Miracle Mule's 2015 album Swampy Tonkin'.

Bayou Delight from Miracle Mule's 2015 album Swampy Tonkin'.

The title track and first single from Miracle Mule's 2015 release, Swampy Tonkin'.

On a more serious note, here is Your Luck's About to Change, by Miracle Mule.

In honor of our most revered and sacred of holidays, we humbly present to you Happy, Happy, Happy Groundhog Day.

  • As musicians, the guys in this band are no joke... you might not be able to stand still.

    Paul Liberatore - Marin Independent Journal


  • This one is easy. They are awesome. You won’t be disappointed. We had a power outage in the middle of our event, they switched over to acoustic instruments and still “rocked the house”.

    Chris - ZD Wines, Napa


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