Miracle Mule has a massive repertoire of music, both original music and covers, that can easily span up to 4 hours of live music...

Miracle Mule's latest CD, Swampy Tonkin' was released on July 24, 2015 accompanied by a massive CD Release Party at Rancho Nicasio in Nicasio California. The CD is available on iTunes,, Spotify and more. Miracle Mule's first CD, Nice Ass, was released in 2014 and is currently only available at our live shows. Please enjoy a sampling of Miracle Mule's songs below.

Swampy Tonkin'

Album released Spring 2015

Nice Ass

Album released 2012


    Our people loved Miracle Mule and wanted to have them back next year. They were absolutely the greatest band we've had in years.

    Marsha B.
    We got nothing but positive feedback from everyone, and we hope Miracle Mule will be back for next year's festival. There were plenty of folks who came to the Cajun Festival specifically for the music, and we didn't hear a single negative. Jean Y.

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